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About Us

Our forward-thinking team - a mix from multiple different worlds including fashion, business, and media - has a backbone of manufacturing. This gives us a uniquely skilled, yet well-rounded advantage,
Our products always boast premium leather and precision design from the most renowned contemporary designers & brands. Our collection is a clean, modern current of restraint and minimalism with umph. Inspired by the clean lines of a Malibu sky and the vibrant life of a famous beach, our products are made right here in Los Angeles California, with the precision of Italian trained craftsmen and American trained businessmen.
From cutting, preparation & sewing to leather and hardware selection, we oversee every step of production to ensure exceptional quality without the exceptional price. In traditional retail the mark-up is 4-8x by the time a product reaches the customer. By sourcing our materials directly from Italian suppliers and having our own manufacturing facility we eliminate the middleman and bring you the consumer great quality and price. Our middleman-free model of B2C (business to consumer) preserves the integrity of our line and honors our relationship with clients.

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